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In June 2012, just after I get 26 my life change. Not good, not bad … It just change, I learn a lot it in the hard way. I get to know my self a bit more and all the people around me. I know a lot now, but I also know I have so much more to learn and I am not afraid to fail. 

After June 2012 wants to be a documentation about me, my feeling and how my life change, and every body’s life pretty close to me after I had an Ictus in June 2012. 

  I lost a lot of memory, I didn’t know how to read & write, how to expresses my self with words,  didn’t recognize colors, didn’t knows names, didn’t know simple objects and their functions, I didn’t remember how to use a fork, a knife, t-shirt, a phone, a computer or a camera. After a few seconds I didn’t remember what I was doing and why, nothing was really important to me… every thing was new challenge, interesting at all, a new experiences, a complete new world. It was a feeling I really like it !!  I lost a 30% of my visual field, I steep in to walls, door, columns and people all the time, I lost a bit of my deep perception and I don’t see with my eyes every thing is in front of me. But I am here, trying my best, I did learn almost every thing again and even better than before… I change, every thing change and it is OK. 


After June 2012, I did ask my self what did I do in life after 26 years? 

I did choose smile, cry, scream without having a reason, feel love, be happy, feel the wind in my face, walk without shoes, feel the sun, be cold, work, be angry, walk under the rain, get wet, dance, know friends, make music, take photographs, change mind, get tattoos, emigrate,  talk, travel, eat weird things, be outside, had an ICTUS, survive, change my point or view, learn almost every things again, have fun … What did I do?  I choose life!

[JUNE 2012 - 2013]



What I see now - Barcelona to Mallorca / Sept 2012

Dino & confution - Mallorca / Juny 2012

Aqua - Malaga / Jully 2012

First flight - Flying back home from Asturias to Mallorca / Juny 2002

First concert - Mallorca / Jully 2013

Clouds & paragliding - Tenerife /Sept 2014

Lights & flowers - Hamburg / Sept 2012

Like a bubble - Barcelona / May 2013

Way back- Tenerife / Sept 2014


605 A - Asturias / Jun 2012

Bed - Asturias / Jun 2012

Shadow - Mallorca / Sept 2012

Nurse - Asturias / Jun 2012

Some more cables - Asturias / Jun 2012

Do not die - Asturias / Jun 2012

Soporte - Asturias / Jun 2012

Bathroom - Asturias / Jun 2012

Shower - Asturias / Jun 2012

On the other side of the window - Asturias / Jun 2012